May 13, 2024

Deep Digger, Surface Tiller, Off the Farm(er)

In 2022 I became LangeTwins’ Sustainability Manager, focused entirely on our sustainable efforts, leaving my marketing days behind. This came from a family decision to have a renewed focus on sustainability, after noticing our projects were fewer than we had accomplished in the past, and most efforts were in the foreground.

Since then, I have a new respect for how complex it can be to communicate what sustainability encompasses. I have read articles, posts, listened to talks, and joined conferences to help understand what path to take and best practices to consider. After attending the U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit in April, I finally have a clear understanding of the predicament we’re in when it comes to marketing sustainability.

In general, there are three types of people. (1) Deep Diggers. You know what sustainability is, understand it, and purchase as frequently as possible based on a company’s sustainability mission. You want to know as much as possible – practices, goals, accomplishments. (2) Surface Tillers. You know and like sustainability, but this is not your most important value. You want a quick synopsis of the technique.  (3) Off the Farm(ers). You have other concerns, and sustainability is not a priority, yet.

Now, there are brands and companies like LangeTwins, whose foundation is sustainability, and it really is a part of the everyday. Shouldn’t we communicate what we’re doing, like we are talking to Deep Diggers, since that is who we are? It’s not that simple. Not everyone wants to read or listen to the fine details (what, not everyone is like me? Ha!). This is where I take the sustainable approach, the balancing act. Instead of balancing the three E’s, this time it’s between our Deep Diggers, Surface Tillers, and Off the Farm(ers).

How? Using the platforms available to us for communication. Using traditional social media, our goal is that 100% of Surface Tillers will have just the right amount of details from each post. It will catch Deep Diggers eyes and since you want minutia, you will take the time to learn more by jumping over to a detailed story on our website. As for the Off the Farm(ers), we hope, in the future, you can make room to consider the sustainable approach as something you want to learn more about.

Ultimately, it’s on us to make people care. It’s not easy, because we aren’t saving animals, promoting cute outfits, or traveling to far away places, but we must continue to try. Why? Because the more people understand what sustainability is, the more they are influenced to make simple switches, and we are all better off!

See you!

Sustainability Manager


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