Person with their hands in vineyard soil


Sustainable Farming

From childhood memories playing ‘Tom Sawyer’ on the Mokelumne River to working in the vineyards with their dad and grandpa, Brad and Randall formed a true respect for the land which developed into being responsible land stewards. Today, this commitment guides our daily farming and business practices to ensure they benefit our land, business, team, and the communities in which we live.

Regenerative Pilot Program

Our land gives us the greatest opportunity to make positive change.

In 2022, we made the decision to remove 60 acres of vineyard in the Jahant AVA. Through regenerative farming, we hope to increase biodiversity in and around the vineyard, enrich the soil, and improve the watershed.

To meet conservation goals, we established a plan to guide our ecosystem-based projects. These include enhancing riparian plant communities to provide wildlife corridors, improving water cycling and carbon sequestration; establishing habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects; managing noxious weeds in unplanted areas; restoring vernal pool habitats; and implementing a grassland vegetation management plan.

Environmental considerations are at the forefront of our work so we can contribute to a healthier climate. Environmental stewardship is simply who we are.

A young grapevine

Soil, Air, and Water Management

Keeping our soil, air, and water healthy is essential in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. We regularly take soil samples to measure nutrient mix and water capacity to guide our decisions in growing a balanced vine. To off-set our carbon footprint, we replace dated engines for efficient, clean-burning alternatives, use multi-row machinery to limit vineyard passes, and are currently testing electric vineyard vehicles.

Renewable Energy

Our first Photovoltaic Solar System was installed in 2004 at our viticulture office. Today, we have multiple systems at select vineyard’s wells and pumps and our winery. Each year we are overcome by the positive impact created through the energy generated.

LangeTwins Solar Panels

Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing

In the mid-1990s, the desire to scientifically understand how farming impacts the environment grew. The twins’, together with like-minded Lodi farmers and scientists, captured best farming practices with the vineyard ecosystem in mind. This is now The Lodi Rules program which serves as a guide on sustainable farming. We follow the program to hold us accountable to make the right decisions, while validating the techniques we have been practicing for decades.

Looking Beyond Our Vineyards

It is our responsibility to enhance the habitat surrounding our vineyards to create an environment that not only we can live in, but any animal that passes through could live in.

Learn more about our Habitat Restoration efforts