Imagine enjoying a glass of wine
that you know will promote a healthier environment.
Say hello to Sand Point wine.

It all started with small simple changes. We nurtured oak trees along the river, planted native bushes, and built boxes for nesting wood ducks.

This evolved to our first land restoration project seven acres along the Mokelumne River surrounded by our home ranch that we returned to its natural habitat.

Since then, our family has been preserving and restoring land nestled within and alongside our vineyards.


TODAY it’s more than what we do on the farm. We embrace sustainability in our homes and within our community. We act in good conscience. We strive to make the right decisions by acting responsibly and cause no unnecessary harm. And we promise to bring you wines which also promote a healthier environment for our futures.

LOCATION – Our original family farm is in Acampo, California. This is where Sand Point is nestled between our vineyards and the Mokelumne River. We grow our winegrapes for Sand Point wines on the rolling hills in Clements, the flat terrain of Lodi and Acampo, and alongside the levees in the Delta. All regions are within Northern California, and more specifically, the Lodi and Clarksburg Appellations.

WINES – Delightful and approachable (and farmed responsibly!) Sand Point wines are thoughtfully crafted to welcome family and friends to your table.