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2023 Aglianico Rosé – River Ranch Vineyard

Ambrosia melon and macerated strawberry.
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River Ranch Vineyard . Jahant AVA

Our 2023 Aglianico Rosé showcases stunning quality starting with its gorgeous pastel pink hue. Bold aromas of ripe ambrosia melon and macerated strawberry swirl together in the glass and develop accents of Asian pear as it sits. These flavors come into harmony on the palate with a balanced acidity that elevates and descends into a soft dry finish marked with aromatic bitters.

Farmed responsibly and validated with dual certification through The Lodi Rules and California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA).

Technical Details

SOIL COMPOSITION Silty and Mucky Clay Loam. Derivation Mixed Rock and Decomposed Plants.
VINEYARD PHILOSPHY Certified Sustainable
TRELLISING Quadrilateral
CLONE 01 & 04
ACRES 19.38
LOCATION 38°16’50.8”N, 121°30’31.5”W
HARVEST DATE September 22, 2023
AGING Stainless Steel
BOTTLE DATE January 15, 2024
TA 5.1 g/L
PH 3.35
RS 1.7 g/L


Region: Lodi

Appellation: Jahant

Vintage: 2023

Alcohol: 12.5%

Vineyard Notes

The River Ranch is our home ranch. Our lives are rooted here and our memories start here. Roughly 108 acres, the River Ranch is located alongside the Mokelumne River and has the Gill Creek Slough running through it. These native areas boast quail, river otter, deer, kingfisher, and beaver (just to name a few) that we often see when we are checking the six vineyard blocks, that are comprised of five unique varietals. Each varietal takes advantage of the waterways and microclimate, producing distinct wines that are truly reflective of this special place.

Production Notes

The 2023 vintage has been a reminder of the grit required to be a winegrape grower. The season commenced with record breaking rainfall from a system of ‘atmospheric rivers’ that put pressure on the nearby river and slough systems. Our vines were able to stretch out in the soil and regain their strength from previous drought years. Our teams carefully managed each vineyard to tamp down threats that were the result of a wet start and their efforts were recognized with the exceptional quality of this vintage. Summer came in softly, with long days and cooler temperatures – excellent conditions for a long growing season. Harvest started in earnest in early September and finished nearly two months later on November 13th. We’re proud to bring you the 2023 vintage, which jumps out of the glass with superb fruit quality that showcases the soul of every team involved in the making of these wines.

Other Notes

Jahant AVA – Located in the center of the Lodi AVA, the Jahant AVA is geographically the smallest of Lodi’s seven AVAs – a total size of 28,000 acres, with roughly 9,000 acres planted to vineyard. It sits on highly dissected river terraces and old floodplain deposits. The classic Mediterranean climate has Delta fog influence, and receives cold air drainage and entrapment within our vineyards.