Fall 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our first digital newsletter! We are excited to share our new wines, tasting notes from our new winemakers, and a behind-the-scenes look in the vineyard with Brad Lange.

Featured Wines

We are thrilled to release the second vintage of our sold out Single Vineyard Railroad Cabernet Sauvignon and Thirty Eight Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2018 vintage was fantastic, and we are ready to share both wines with you. If you receive white wines in your release, we sure do have something special! Last year our winemakers experimented with a small lot of early-harvest, low-sugar Chardonnay. The result is a low-alcohol wine, bright and zippy, perfect for the remainder of summer.

2020 Macotera 01 Chardonnay
Our Macotera 01 Chardonnay Vineyard’s fruit was one of the first off-the-vine in the 2020 season. We harvested the grapes when their sugars were low to create a lighter style wine, finishing with only 11% alcohol. Our low-intervention approach, and simply aging in Neutral French and American Oak, crafted a wine that expresses the vineyard. It displays pineapple aromas with a slight creamy note, and on the palate a bright pop of tropical fruit makes the natural brightness of the wine shine.

2018 Railroad Cabernet Sauvignon
This classic Bordeaux style Cabernet Sauvignon from Railroad Vineyard is a wine to enjoy now, or lay down for many years to come. The initial aromas of cranberry and spice continue to the palate where they are met with earth tones and dried fruit flavors. With extended aging in Neutral French and American Oak barrels, there is a wonderful structure that adds interest to the overall style of the wine.

2018 Thirty Eight Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Thirty Eight Vineyard continues to be a favorite with our winemakers because of the consistent quality and robust fruit flavors. The 2018 vintage reflects the terroir with earthy tones and aromas of braised anise and dark fruit notes. After aging in Neutral French and American Oak for 18 months, the developed tannins created a rich mouthfeel that complement the wines dark berry compote and slight spicy flavors.


Additional Wines

2020 Aglianico Rose
The Aglianico winegrape has a unique and flavorful fruit expression that is perfect for rosé, and our 2020 vintage is a great example. With a beautiful pale pink color, the vibrant aroma and flavor is dominated by floral notes. On the palate, the savory floral character joins pleasing acidity to create a lively and complex wine.

2018 Diablo Petite Sirah
Extraordinarily deep in color, our Petite Sirah opens with aromas of ripe blackberry and blueberry. This initial bouquet carries through to the palate where the flavors meld with warm spice tones from 12 months of aging in Neutral French and American oak barrels. Finishing with well-integrated tannins, this wine is the perfect pairing for bold flavors.

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Brad tells us all about the Thirty Eight Vineyard and what makes it special.

Assistant Winemakers Veronica and Cassandra taste the new releases for the first time and give us their impressions along with some great pairing suggestions. Pour a glass and taste along with them.