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Welcome to Sand Point, where we stand on a commitment to positively influence our ecosystem through habitat restoration.

LangeTwins Sand Point

Nestled between our vineyards and the Mokelumne River, Sand Point is where the twins, Brad and Randall, spent their summers exploring as children. The beauty of nature that surrounded them caused the twins to gain a true respect for preserving the land.

From years past

Our family has spent many summers at Sand Point, creating a deep and lasting connection to the land, river, and it's wildlife.

Sustainabilityat Sand Point

Because of our family connection to the area, the rehabilitation of Sand Point was one of many restoration projects by our family.

It started with small, simple changes. We nurtured oak trees along the river, planted quail brush and native bushes, and built boxes for nesting wood ducks. We chose not to intervene when the deer snacked on vine shoots because in our minds they were just taking their share.

A Bird House

"We believe the land belongs just as much to the native wildlife as it does to us."

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Grapevines With Bunches of Grapes Five Bottles of Sand Point Wines

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Delightful and approachable, Sand Point wines are crafted to honor our respect for the land and our family memories growing up in Lodi.

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