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A library collection of our Midnight Reserve Gift pack

Midnight Through the Years

A collection of the 2005-2010 vintages of Midnight Reserve from our Library.
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$360/Gift Box

Each year, we hold back a small quantity of our Bordeaux style blend, Midnight Reserve, for our Library. This limited collection includes our first vintage, 2005, through the 2010 vintage packed in a LangeTwins wood box. The wines have been aging in our temperature-controlled cellar and are ready to be enjoyed. We have pulled 30 verticals from our library to celebrate the 2020 holiday, and when they are gone, they are gone.

Gift Box Includes:

  • 2005 Midnight Reserve
  • 2006 Midnight Reserve
  • 2007 Midnight Reserve
  • 2008 Midnight Reserve
  • 2009 Midnight Reserve
  • 2010 Midnight Reserve
  • LangeTwins Vacuum Bottle Stopper