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2021 Albariño – Corsaire Vineyard

Bright acidity, crisp minerality, finishing with tropical notes.
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Corsaire Vineyard . Clarksburg AVA

Our 2021 Albariño has a bouquet that is bursting with tropical aromas and mouth-watering grapefruit zest. On the palate, bright acidity is accompanied by a crisp minerality that wakes up the palate. As it progresses, the tropical flavor develops and finishes with ripe guava and mango notes.


Technical Details

SOIL COMPOSITION Sacramento Deep Clay; Derivation Mixed Rock
VINEYARD PHILOSOPHY Sustainable Viticulture
LOCATION 38°21’23.9”N, 121°33’05.3”W
HARVEST DATE August 19, 2021
AGING Stainless Steel
BOTTLE DATE January 21, 2022
TA 6.8 g/L
PH 3.36
RS 3.3 g/L



Region: California

Appellation: Clarksburg

Vintage: 2021

Alcohol: 12.5%

Production Notes

The 2021 vintage brought us the earliest start of harvest we’ve experienced, with our crews starting on July 26th.  After our white and early red varietals were brought in to the winery, many of our red varietals were predicted to reach maturity at the same time. The compaction of the second half of the harvest season became both a challenge and priority for us. As Fall approached, the smaller fruit set, paired with consistently higher temperatures caused many red varietals to mature rapidly. Varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Petite Sirah came off three weeks sooner than average, with slightly higher brix than targeted, although with good acidity.  With all said and done, the vintage came in smaller than expected, though with outstanding quality that we are thrilled to present.

Other Notes

CLARKSBURG AVA – Located on the Sacramento River in the heart of the Delta, the Clarksburg AVA has a profound maritime influence. Cool mornings give way to warm afternoons and temperatures quickly cool again in the evenings. With land at or below sea level, the fertile soil attracts and holds nutrients and water which calls for constant monitoring.