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2018 Estate Moscato

Aromas and flavors of sweet peach, apricot and orange blossom.
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Lodi Rules Seal This is one of our most aromatic wines! Apricot and sweet peach aromas and flavors are dominant while honey and orange blossom notes are more subdued. There is just enough acidity to balance the natural sweetness with a bit of bright effervescence in the finish to lighten the body.

Certified Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing

Region: California

Appellation: Lodi

Vintage: 2018

Alcohol: 11.5%

Vineyard Notes

The Moscato vineyard sits at sea level providing fertile soil with an abundance of nutrients. We continuously manage both the nutrient and water levels to ensure the winegrapes develop strong flavors.

Production Notes

Weather is a key element of farming – it plays a crucial role in the health of our vines and winegrapes. Daily temperatures and rainfall come together to dictate the growing season, making each vintage distinctive. 2018 was a long and even season with moderate conditions and mild summer weather. This allowed the winegrapes to mature slowly with even ripening, pushing our start of harvest to August 6th, 10 days later than the previous two years. The overall moderate to cool harvest conditions were good for flavor development, but on October 3rd we endured rain showers. Luckily the following two weeks were dry and sunny helping finish the sugar accumulation in our mid to late ripening varietals. We ended harvest in November, one of the latest in
recent memory, with particularly good quality and spectacular color in the red varietals and white varietals with sound flavor and acid development.

Food Pairing

Cheese: Manchego / Meat: Chicken, Tilapia / Sauce: Fruit Based / Dessert: Pear Tart