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2017 Estate Old Vine Zinfandel

2017 Estate Zinfandel

Aromas of ripe berry with notes of spice and concentrated flavors of bright fruit.
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Lodi Rules Seal Winegrapes from a historic 100-year-old vineyard come together with youthful fruit to create a wine with vibrant character. Our 2017 vintage has vivid color and ripe berry aromas with notes of spice that lead to concentrated flavors of bright expressive red fruit. Pleasant warmth and a finish that reveals balanced structure completes the wine.

Certified Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing


Region: California

Appellation: Lodi

Vintage: 2017

Alcohol: 15%

Vineyard Notes

The 2017 growing season marked the end of the drought with heavy winter rainfall that continued into the spring. Due to the rain, timely vineyard practices were crucial and we adapted our cultural techniques to maintain vine balance. Heat spikes during late August to mid-September required close attention to irrigation to ensure vine health. With the given weather, our winegrapes developed the required sugars, but full flavor maturation delayed our harvest. The wait was worth it and the outcome was a vintage that boasts bright and fresh whites with ideal levels of acidity and red wines that are showing good intensity and concentration.

Food Pairing

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